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The Jedi Academy

Our host, our School, our Home away from Home
The Jedi Academy Album Screenshots from JA members
The JA Photo Collection JA Members in the flesh
Star Wars Official Site You like star wars right well have a look
Vladarion, The Jedi Legend Thread Compiled by Bail. Please read
Belouve Saber Janikiri has created this, so DL it and start swinging. Belouve Symbol by Seth
Jade Jedi's Website Some Great Star wars Pics. Especially Stormtrooper Girl
Jarhoks Website J's Website with some nice pics and his story
Belouve Unchallenged Mountain This Beautiful Jk2 map made by Ioshee. Texture problems in JK3 we hope to sort out.
Belouve Unchallenged Mountain JK3 JK3 Version textures fixed by Urded.
Roan's Playlist To help people request Songs here's my Playlist

#Belouve on irc.quakenet.org

Thank you to George Lucas, etc for creating a world where we can dream and play

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