19-08-06 02:52 Roan's Tales by Roan Belouve
This is a story I was writing last year. I have put it on the POV page so have a read.

Comments always welcome

For all you Belouves out there stop by my profile and say hello

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04-04-06 12:57 London calling! by fizze
I met with Roan in London last weekend. Oh boy did we have a good time!

read on for the picture!

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26-01-06 23:46 The Force is Strong in Him by Roan Belouve
For those who didn't know I am now the proud father of a little boy named Lucas, the wife liked the name and I wasn't going to argue being the geek I am.

Anyway he was born on 15th January and he and his mother are both well. I on the other hand am a wreck .

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01-01-06 10:03 Happy New Year by Kaelis
Happy New Year to you all hope you had a good one

Hope 2006 brings you all good times

Belouve On

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27-12-05 23:04 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! by Roan Belouve
Better late than never.

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. Lots of nice presents, good food, loads to drink shared with great friends or family.

Belouve On!!!

Post what you got in the comments so we can all go Ohhhhh and Ahhhhhhh

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16-12-05 04:18 G'day Mr Knight!!!! by Roan Belouve
Well I had the pleasure of taking part in Jade Jedi's Jedi Academy Knight Trial.

He did a great Job and we should all be very proud of his achievement.

So get over to his profile and slap his back or catch him on TS and hear his Austrilain twang.

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22-11-05 15:23 BRAND NEW BELOUVE BOYS!!!! by Roan Belouve
Well today I asked Kaelis and Acura to become my Padawans.

They both accepted, I think . I'm sure they will both make a great edition to the family. So please pop on to there profiles and say hello.

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13-11-05 01:13 ...here's to Roan ! by fizze
The well known Roan Belouve is the latest addition to the ranks of the Jedi Academy!
He has successfully nailed his trials last Friday and is now a Jedi Knight of the Academy, aka JAK

I raise my glass to my Padawan for acheiving this. All the best to you

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28-09-05 12:40 ...shameless plug... by fizze
Just wanted to mention that I have achieved my MSc now, and even graduated with an award

now its parteh!

more exciting news later

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24-08-05 15:42 Belouve Reunion! by fizze
Right, the time and place are finally being announced.

Thursday, August 25th -- on the Belouve Server

click the tiny link for more details......

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