Squib Turns the lights of

in Lukes Room on the Academy map


Well, where did it all start …

Ah what a day! at last I’m back at the safe old home
I know ill check the JA forums.
Hmm Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy discussion
I don’t think I looked at that one in a while
What’s this? Improve your FPS
Hmm, I get good FPS 60 -70 usually…
Ah lots of people have improved even at these high numbers,
Why not have a go then
So I started changing al my setting r_vertexlights 1 and the like.
Didn’t like this , that was ok change that a bit ….
Perfect. Good looks but good ping to, lets go check out the looks of the level.
I get to Lukes room … No lights shining through the windows…
Looks at the web site
“This will greatly improve FPS but will turn off some of the nice visual effects in the level”
DOH! About 3 things said this so I began turning things on 1 at a time to try and find the one that turned them off.
“Hey there New@Jk3, You do see bright lights here right !”
“Doh that means I turned them off”
I cant find the problem so I reset all settings back to default . Still no lights.
I go to be .. Next day
Gah not having those lights is starting to annoy me now. I know I can turn them on somehow.
Maybe I should reinstall game… best just check that I didn’t mishear New@Jk3
“Hey Vax, you do see lights hear right ?”
“Ah ok just as I thought , I accidentally turned them off”
“errrr. I said no, You didn’t turn them of, the map maker did, too laggy”

“WTF !”

PS. I later caught up with New@Jk3 aka Anakin. He said, “oh yeah , LOL that was a little joke”

I wont forget this for a Looooooong time Ani!