RoaN danjoyd

The beginning


The story of:

“Roan Danjoyd” (Needles)


Age: 23


Gender: Male

Physical Data: Beige skin,

Prefered Fighter:  X-Wing



Roan Danjoyd was brought up in a small village on the planet on Byblos, in the Colonies, the adopted Child of a tailor and his wife.  Roan was aware he was different he knew he looked very different all the other children in his school one day when he was six, after being teased by some school mates his parents decided to tell him that he was not there real son but was a special gift they had received.  They went on to explain that he was actually a Twi’lek. They finished by saying that they loved him very much. It was not till many years later that he found out that they had found him as a small child no older than two years old wandering the local spaceport and had contacted the local authorities.  When no one came forward, they where contacted and asked if they would be prepared to take him in as there own. They accepted and from that moment on Roan had become one of the Family


His elder sister Falin (A Danjoyd by blood) and he spent many evenings listening to their Mother & Father telling stories of the Jedi knights and the Sith Wars.  Roan fell in love with the romantic stories and even though he soon knew them all off by heart he would still insist his parents read one every night.  He’d often dream he was a jedi knight travelling the universe resolving disputes and riding worlds of tyranny


By the time Roan was eight he had began studying the ways of the Jedi.  Roan felt he had no connection to the force but still wanted to learn all he could about the Jedi’s beliefs. At school and at weekends children would tease him for his beliefs often leading to him returning home with torn clothes and fat lips but still a cheeky grin upon his face as he knew that fighting back was not the way.


At the age of twelve his Parents, knowing of the Empire, insisted that he stop dreaming of becoming a Jedi and concentrate on his studies and helping his Father out with his small buisness.  They explained it was pointless devoting all his time training for something that he could never be.  When a few months later they found Roan training they sat him down and explained about the Emperor, the clone wars and the destruction of the Jedi.  Roan felt empty but continued to train in private vowing to retain his beliefs and appose the Empire whenever possible.


By the time Roan reached his eighteenth birthday he had spent many months attempting to make contact with the Rebel Alliance, unsuccessfully. Still a Naïve boy he had starting searching the spaceports at the one of the larger industrial cities.  Offering his services to do odd jobs, he became well known for his skills with a needle and thread, a skill taught to him by his father, and had befriended many spacers.   One day he overheard two men talking about the Rebellion, recapping an incident when they had avoided detection by imperial forces.  Roan waited for the two to split and engaged himself in conversation with one of the men; he would later discover the large bald man was called Mantin.


After a long conversation, Mantin explained that the Rebellion would always welcome new recruits but he would have to prove himself, Roan explained that he would offer his services in whatever role that would take.  As Roan had become a familiar face around the spaceport he spent the next few month gathering information and couriering parcels for the Alliance.  His only real contact being Mantin who had nicknamed him “needle” due to the fact that he always had a needle and thread located somewhere on him.


Roan soon became restless, still tied to the planet he was born on, he longed to travel and on every occasion made Mantin aware of this.   Soon his dream would be realised Mantin explained that he would take him on his next mission to a local Rebel base.  When the day arrived Roan could hardly contain his excitement as he sat aboard Mantin’s Muurian Transport preparing for take off.  During the whole journey Roan sat in silence staring out the view screen.  Mantin had tried to start a conversation but had realised it was fruitless and had just looked and laugh at the amazed expression of his Friends face.


They spent the next few years travelling around the universe smuggling goods for the rebellion.  Roan would still keep in contact with his family although he never explained he was with the rebellion. Mantin started to teach Roan how to fly and even allowed him to pilot the ship on some less dangerous mission. 


During what they believed to be a routine mission involving a few rebel transports they were hailed by a Victory class star destroyer that had enter the sector.  The Captain asked them to power down so that the ships could be searched.  When they tried to escape two squadrons of fighters, which had erupted from the ship, stated to chase them. From nowhere appeared a squadron of X-wings disrupting the fighters allowing the transports to get clear.  As they entered hyperspace Roan knew what he was wanted to be, A Fighter Pilot


After weeks of being pestered Mantin gave in and took Roan to the Hidden training base.  After running some sims it was apparent Roan had along way to go.  But as usual this wouldn’t stop him.  Whenever a spare moment arose in his schedule Roan would run sims and study the various ship schematics.


It was a sad moment the day he applied to Red Squadron as he new he would have to part company with his friend. After a large hug he walk down the landing ramp onto the Regis and that is where this story begins………..


P.S.  I don’t darn socks!!!!


Astromech Droid



Green Dome & Body White Trim