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Roan Danjoyd – Nautolan

Jondrell Raxter – Rebel Human Byblos

Braidon Danjoyd – Human

Mantin – Rebel Human

Uoez Joneas– Rebel Human

Qes Wellhems– Rebel Human

Hoggy (Clamp Rix) – Rebel Human

Tass Sleivons – Rebel Human

Sidle – Rebel Rodian

Hokkalton  - Rebel Wookie

Colonel Muld  - Imperial Human

Captain Tainer – Imperial Human

Admiral Gallon  - Imperial Human

Captain Staint – Imperial Human

Captain Assda – Imperial Human

Chapter 1



The Colonies - Byblos- Trallon-Soro 


Four Imperial E-11 blasters pointed in his direction and he knew escape was not an option.  He dropped his weapon, placed his hands behind his head and turned as instructed.  The Binders were attached tightly but he made no sound to indicate the discomfort; that would give them too much satisfaction.


“Looks like your smuggling days are over.  Now you’re just bantha fodder.”  said one of the troopers as they led him down the ramp of his transport.




Two days later


Roan looked out from where he was hiding and could see the coast was clear, “phew, that was close again” he muttered to himself.


He pulled his hood back over his head and climbed out from behind the crates, surveying his surroundings, It had been a blur when he scampered past a few minutes ago. Now he could see the hanger’s contents; a transport freighter surrounded by several crates.  He slapped the hull “one day I’ll leave this place, will you be the one to take me?” Roan waited for a reply, but of course none came.


The sound of footsteps awoke him from his daydream and he remembered the package beneath his arm. Imperial Uniforms altered for their new inhabitants, Rebels. Time to finish his delivery.


He looked up and through the smog could see the peak of the Sorosub tower, which rose above all others in the city of Trallon-Soro, which was just another industrial city on the planet Byblos.  Roan had been brought up outside the city and now did “odd jobs” for his friend Mantin.  Jobs that would be so much easier if the Imperials would stop interfering.


The footsteps coming from the other side of the freighter continued to get louder.  Roan moved quietly around to the nearest exit and left the hanger into the busy grey streets.  His adopted parents had bought him up in a quiet town far from the city in the countryside and full of friendly people.  Trallon-Soro was the total opposite, it was also the place where had been found fifteen years ago.


Speeders moved slowly past him and he soon matched the pace of the crowd and moved towards the Octagon promenade in the central district.  The sight of a pair of Storm troopers, coming towards him, sent shivers down his spine.  They appeared to only be interested in their own company. So he tried to remain calm and continued walking,


“The sooner I get off this planet, the better.  Patrols are one thing, but I joined to get myself some action, fry some rebels scum” said the nearest trooper as Roan got within hearing range. He liked to stay close and keep his ears alert. You never knew what you might hear!


“Yeah, yeah” said his companion “The way things are going, I’ll take the easy jobs and leave the heroics to you”.  Roan passed them without incident, but noticed two men and a Rodian who appeared to be following the Storm troopers.  The tallest man had piercing green eyes and broad shoulders. The other human was much shorter and slim. He noticed they all appeared to be armed


He tightened his grip on the parcel under his arm.  All in good time he thought.  If he was right the storm trooper may just get a bit of action sooner than he expected. As the three men passed, Roan turned and headed after them. 


The pursuit continued.  The sound of a blaster shot, off to the side, alerted the storm troopers and they turned down a narrow side street.  As he expected the men followed. 






By the time Roan arrived the battle was lost, two stormtroopers sat behind a trash container gagged and no longer in their Uniforms.


 “Hey! Can I help you?”  Said the tallest of the three men he had followed.  Roan eyes had been diverted to a huge round man trying in vane to get a Strom trooper helmet on.  “um, um” Roan stumbled noticing the blaster pointed in his direction. “I. I. I’m Roan”  


“And?” the blaster hadn’t moved


“…I work for Mantin”


 The man’s face softened, a bit, as he looked Roan up and down.  To his relief the blaster dropped to the man’s side. “The runner who’s handy with a needle?”



“Hey guys, this little fellows’ that delivery boy they’ve been talking about. Still keeping the Imperials on their toes I hope?”

“Yup” said roan a cheeky smile appearing on his face, as he tried not to blush. 


Since getting in contact with the Rebel, Mantin, a few months ago Roan had spent almost every day doing small errands for his friend trying to prove his loyalty.  He craved more exciting assignments but at only 17 and quite small for his age, he had to prove himself, so he’d told himself to be patient.

“Slow down young man…” his father, Braidon Danjoyd, had told him, a thousand times, when his was younger, “…good things come to those who wait!!”.  Braidon was a wise man and a good father; although Roan was not his real son he had ensured that Roan had never questions his love for him.  


“Well, I’m Raxter, but we don’t have time for full introductions” he said as he turned to the other men.  “Okay guys no time to waste, lets get moving”


In pairs they moved back out into the street.


As Raxter went to leave he turned to Roan “what you standing there for? …come on.”  Roan chased off after him as he exited the side street.


As they walked Raxter looked at Roan “So, what can we do for you Needle boy?”


“Nothing just saw you tracking the stormies so thought I’d see what was going on.”


“Looks like we weren’t as subtle as we thought” He smiled. “Or have you just got a keen eye!”


“I notice stuff” Roan beamed “My hunches are usually right, keeps me out of trouble”


“They never mention you were a Nautolan” Roan slipped one of his head tentacles back beneath his hood, sometimes he forgot. “No I try to keep these hidden, there’s not many Nautolans on Byblos.  Most people don’t notice.” He readjusted his hooded robe. He had bought it when he started working for Mantin, It was full length and Dark green, almost black, It reminded him of the ones the Jedi’s used t wear.


They walked of in silence both keenly studying the streets ahead.


Chapter 2


Imperial Installation Byblos:


Colonel Muld drummed his fat fingers on his desk. He breathed in only slightly reducing the size of his large stomach and with his other hand he stroked his beard.   Captain Tainer his second in command, stood before him looking uncomfortable. This, Muld knew, was because he had a reputation for reprimanding officers, for the smallest of reasons, often-adding demotion to the sentence.  It was one of the few perks of his position in this small unimportant planet.


He smirked at the officer “At ease captain”


The captain’s slim frame relaxed slightly  “Please give me an update on the captive?”


“Sir we have received notification the Vanquisher has entered the system.  I was about to contact them to arrange pick up but was instructed to report to you first.”  Muld paused again staring at the captain.


“ I will contact Admiral Gallon and arrange transfer captain” Muld had taken the news of the smuggler capture rather well.  If he could ensure that it appeared that he co-ordinated the plan a promotion may be bestowed upon him or at least a transfer to better surroundings.  He had been posted to Byblos almost two years ago and his slight objection did not change the assignment.


“Yes Sir, will that be all?” Tainer had relaxed a little more at hearing that Muld appeared not to be annoyed by any of his actions and was keen to end the meeting.


Muld paused again. The son of a rich family and had joined the officer training school hoping to enjoy the various perks that an officer from a family of wealth should expect.  Some ill-advised complaints to the wrong people had resulted in that not being the case.  He had served the imperials so far in some of the grimier planets in the galaxy and had feared that he would never again enjoy the lifestyle he had as a young man and training officer.


“Yes that’s all Captain.  Oh, keep me updated of any changes I may need to be aware of.”  Muld smirked again, the vagueness of his statement gave him enough scope to bring charges against the captain should he feel inclined to.  Keep them on their toes, Muld he thought to himself.


The Captain stood to attention saluted turned and left.



Chapter 3


The Rebels arrived at a small repair shop and proceeded straight into the back room. “I think these are for you”. Roan said as he passed the parcel to Raxter.


He laughed as he opened the package “Guys I think we have enough disguises to make this plan work”


“What plan, can I help?” Roan spurted out before he could stop himself.


Raxter smiled at Roan  “Sorry kid, this is on a need to know basis and I’m afraid you definitely don’t want, or need, to know.”


“You best run along, we have stuff to do. Thanks for the Imps uniforms.  I owe you a drink by the way. A nice glass of juice.”  The men around laughed and Roan felt very small.


Being small had it’s advantages but was sometimes annoying. “ Make it a Corellian Ale and I’ll take you up on it.” he retorted, trying to stand tall, generating another round of laughter. 


“You’ve got attitude young man I’ll give you that” Raxter was starting to like this Nautolan. “Look,  this is dangerous but if you’re are sure you want in we could do with an extra body. I guess if old Mantin trusts you, we should too.”


Roan’s face lit up “I won’t let you down, I promise.”





The rebels around the table went through the plan three times changing bits slightly each time to ensure that there would be no mistakes.


Roan sat quietly keeping his thoughts to himself as he memorised his part in the scheme. He was unsure if he should have left when he had the chance. Raxter, when he first explained the plan, had given Roan the chance to leave. Again he had declined


The plan involved breaking a rebel prisoner out from the holding block on Imperial Installation in Trallon-Soro.  It should be pretty much in and out as it was a low security complex and never manned that well. The Local Imperial troopers were lazy and the officers incompetent.


“Well I think that about concludes our discussions, gentlemen!” Raxter announced after the final plans had been agreed.  As Roan glanced at the people around the table he saw mixed emotions; some were nervous, others excited and Raxter exuded a felling of calmness.


“Check you timers.  I make it 22:05. I guess that gives us just under four standard hours to wait before we need to leave” Raxter looked around the room at his friends.  “Qes you okay with everything?” He smiled at the blonde haired lady as she nodded and smiled “you be careful, we’ll be waiting for your signal.”


Roan glanced at Qes out of the corner of his eyes and tried not to blush.  She was slim with short-cropped blond hair and striking green eyes. Although probably at least ten years older than him, he still found her very attractive, a quality that was a crucial part of her role within the plot.



The plan was based around Qes getting into the central power/observation post and her being able to cause a “distraction” which would allow her access to get the rest though the first two security gates.  “I’ll be glad when it’s over” she complained. Having spent the last two days gaining the lecherous officer, Frazen’s trust, she would be glad to see the back of him.  “I know it’s not been easy,” Raxter replied ”but I don’t think Hoggy’s charms would have had the same effect” within the laughter Hoggy snorted with laughter. He was the large man Roan had noticed earlier trying on the stormtrooper helmet.  Hoggy slapped his large stomach and batted his eyelids while the others cringed jokingly.


After gaining access, the rebels lead by Raxter would move around to the block where the prisoner was being held. Stormtroopers would patrol the area, but with the outfits they were confident they could get around quite easily.  Gaining access to the holding cells was where the plan would get complicated. 


Uoez, a slicer, would need to slice the code from at least two gates. With any luck he would be able to do this without the Imperials noticing.  Uoez, a skinny man with sharp eyes was a technical wizard, looked most nervous.  Qes had now left there was less than half an hour until the rest would be setting off. 


Roans part in the plan was simple. He was the prisoner that they would be escorting to the cells where the prisoner where held.  He was not initially keen on the idea but had just nodded and said “No problem” thinking this was just the beginning of bigger things for him.


“Hey lil man what you doing?” Hoggy asked as he disturbed Roan from his meditation. “Oh just something that helps me relax.” Roan had taught himself many Jedi techniques he felt he could use even though he knew he wasn’t force sensitive.  Since a young age he had been mesmerised by the mystical Jedi’s and had devoted himself to living by their code. 


Roan stood up and walked over to where Hoggy sat eating and pinched a piece of meat from his plate.

“Hey” he protested

“I don’t think you’ll die of hunger today Hoggy!” Roan replied.

Everyone laughed which seemed to relieve the tension that was building in the room.

Hoggy jumped up from his seat and grabbed Roans arm lifting him in the air then grabbing his leg and dangling him upside down.

“Actually you could do with putting some meat on them bones” Hoggy said.


Roan tried to struggled but realised it was best just to hang there until Hoggy was ready to put him down. The laughter continued until Raxter said “Well looks like our time has come my friends”.  Hoggy turned Roan round and gave him a big hug, almost engulfing him. “You be careful kid” When Roan was freed and could finally breath he said, “I will be”. 


Hoggy, unable to fit into any of the outfits, had to stay outside waiting for the teams return.  If things went wrong he would be on standby to assist. He would also scout the area before they arrived.  Hoggy smiled “Good Luck guys, drinks on me when we get back” the replies followed him out the door as he left.


Chapter 4


Muld check himself in the mirror one last time and accepted the communication.


“Admiral Gallon” He saluted.


“Colonel, an unexpected pleasure.” Gallon was standing on the bridge of the Victory Class Star Destroyer, Vanquisher.


“As I was involved in the capture of the rebel, I felt that it would be wise to oversee the transfer.”  Muld said.


“I’m impressed with your actions. We have been close to capturing this scum for quite some time now” Muld had received the response he was looking for.  Muld actually only got involved after he had heard of the Prisoners capture.


“I personally ensure that all crafts are scanned and any peculiarities are checked out. I suppress clearance until these are checked.” Muld had read the procedure to ensure his story sounded authentic.  His actual work involved the odd meeting with his subordinates and he never got his hands dirty with the actual day-to-day activities.


“Very good Colonel. You actions will not go unnoticed. Your skills seem wasted” Gallon turned to speak to someone behind him. Muld tried to suppress the excitement he was now feeling.  Finally he would be away from this place.


He waited for Gallon to face him again. “Just arranging the final details of the transfer.  I have decided to travel on the shuttle down so we can talk further.”


“I will finalise the transfer details and look forward to our meeting.” Muld responded slightly nervously. He would have preferred to keep the Admiral away from the facility and his subordinates. He saluted as the communication was terminated.


He quickly moved to his comm.  “Captain Tainer”


“Yes sir” came Tainer’s voice.


“Admiral Gallon will be arriving with the transfer team. Please ensure that a full company is there to meet the shuttle.”


“Sir, could I suggest….”

“No suggestions Captain, just do as I have ordered” Muld interrupted

“Yes Sir. When will we be expecting his arrival?”


“He is finalising the transfer plans so you can work out the ETA from that.” Muld stated in his usual vague manor. “If anything goes wrong I will hold you personally responsible Captain”


“I understand Sir”


Muld’s smirk spread across his face as he ended the transmission


Chapter 5



Roan lifted his hood over his head and was then placed in binders “Not too tight kid?” 

“No they’re okay” he whispered, his throat starting to get dry.

“I’ll look after you, don’t worry. Just keep under that hood and we’ll do the rest” Raxter reassured him. He was keen that Roan stay unnoticed. Even if they pulled this off he didn’t want the young Nautolans face in the imperial records. The team of five; two dressed in the officers uniforms, two Stormtroopers and Roan set off out into the streets.


It was late and the streets were quieter now. The few people they saw paid them no attention. They reached the corner of the Imperial building and waited. The central power/observation post was a taller building across the street and had a view over the first gate into the main courtyard and onto the second gate. Qes was confident that the gates would be down.


They waited


“click, click…….click………” Qes signal was received on Raxter’s comlink.

“Okay guys this is it!”  They moved toward the main gate as it opened invitingly. The group moved into the courtyard and could see the second gate already opening.  The pace quickened as they moved towards the second gate.   Lot of imperials, troopers and officers were entering the courtyard from what appeared to be barracks to the side of the Main building.  They didn’t seem to notice the party as they moved through.

“Slow down and keep calm” Raxter said.  Roan could feel the tension amongst the men and Uoez was physically shaking.


They reached the second gate and entered the main building and moved off down the corridor. A cleaner droid unit rolled by as they reached the turning into the holding cell block.  Five stormtroopers passed by without incident.  They reached the first secure door and stopped.  “Relax it’s time to do some magic” Raxter nodded at Uoez who still was shaking as he removed a pouch from his utility belt.


Roan started to struggle, causing the group to shift around in an attempt to control the prisoner.  This was a diversion that would cover Uoez as he went to work on the lock. “Let me shoot him!” said Uoez, as he held up his blaster to signal that the lock had been dealt with. Roan ceased struggling and was escorted through the gate.


The group walked down a narrow corridor, which had security cameras located at each end.  They arrived at the second gate and Roan collapsed to the floor.  Uoez turned to the lock as the second diversion began.  The door slid open before he had touched the lock, revealing four imperial officers.  Uoez moved back to the group. 


The officers stood staring at the scene. Roan remained lying on the floor. 


“What’s wrong with him?” asked the first Imperial officer.

“Looks like he took a hard knock, I thought these rebels had thicker heads” replied Raxter, with a sneer, keeping his voice calm and firm.

“Well move him out of the way and into a cell, we have places to go!”  Raxter nodded to the Rebel Stormtroopers.  They grabbed Roan under the arms lifting him from the ground and moved to the side as the four officers walked past talking amongst themselves.  “This is too easy!” Sidle, one of the rebels dressed as a Stormtrooper said, his Rodian voice sounded strange through the helmets amplifier.

“Just stay focused.” Raxter replied giving him a stern look “It’s not over yet.”


Before them, in a booth, stood a solitary guard who inspected them through the window as he spoke into the intercom.  “Clearance code” came the voice. “TR565 DZ” Raxter answered, an invalid code he knew but in the correct format for the cells.


They could hear the guard entering the code into the console.  “Invalid code, repeat!”  The group waited.

“TR565 DZ” Raxter repeated.  “Invalid code, wait there while I call this through”


They waited for a few minutes.  They could see the frustration in the guard’s posture as he tried to contact the Security Officer, whom Qes was hopefully still keeping busy.


“Ah don’t tell me Frazen gave me a invalid code. He seemed a bit preoccupied with that lady with him” Raxter bluffed “Look our shift finished hours ago. If this kid hadn’t given us the run around we’d be blowing some credits at Strate’s bar by now. Let me just put him in a cell, you can speak to Frazen when he’s finished” Raxter added trying to sound a bit aggravated. 


“Protocols state no code no access,” the guard insisted as Roan was dropped to the floor. “Guess we’ll leave him here you can deal with it in your own time.”  As they turned to leave Uoez moved towards the control panel on the door they’d arrived via and started to work. 

“ You cannot just leave him. Wait there while I get security clearance” came the worried voice of the Guard as Uoez released the door and the group started to exit.

“Please wait.  I need to get the code” Raxter could tell the guard was flustered and Roan could feel his confusion, as he lay motionless on the floor.  Uoez moved toward the door panel that separated them from the guard and started to go to work.


The conversation continue for a minute as the guard tried to ensure that protocol was followed while Raxter argued that he and his team had better places to be. 


With a hiss the door opened the shocked guard looked up from the intercom a second before the stun bolt hit him.




Chapter 6



Admiral Gallon’s shuttle arrived in the landing area at the front courtyard.  A company of troopers had assembled.  Muld hurried out to greet the landing party, accompanied by his four captains.  He glanced at the troopers and hoped Gallon was suitably impressed.


They stopped and waited for the platform to lower and the Admiral and his team to disembark.






Uoez moved to the console and the door to the cells opened. Behind was a long dark corridor with four doors on each side.    “You can get up kid” Raxter said. Roan climbed to his feet as Raxter passed by into the corridor. As Raxter passed by a cell door, what appeared to be an arm shot out from the grill and grabbed his shoulder.  He hit it with the butt of his side arm producing a squeal from the inhabitant of the cell. “I’ll wait here” Roan said.


“Cell five” said Uoez “and no alarms yet.” As the door to cell five opened and Raxter went in, a huge growl came back, Roan jumped grabbing his hood to stop it falling off.   Raxter reappeared followed by a huge hairy creature Roan assumed was a wookie.  He’d never seen one before but had heard stories of the species that the Imperials liked to use as slaves, due to their immense strength.  This ones coat was a mix of black and white his only clothing was a greyish hooded poncho he wore over his shoulders. As they reached Roan, the wookie growled again “He may be small but he’s proved quite useful Hokkla replied Raxter.


Sidle moved towards the wookie took his helmet of and was immediately engulfed by Hokkla.

“Roan this is Hokklaton, Friends call him Hokkla and Hokkla this is Roan.”  The big wookie at least eight feet tall let out a small growl. “umm Hi!” said Roan.


Raxter had explained about the prisoner during the briefing.  He was a long time Rebel Sympathiser and gun trafficker.  He had been picked up on Byblos, after a recent trip back from Nar Shadda, with a cargo hold full of contraband weapons. He had been immediately sentence to life imprisonment as a slave to the imperials, on one of their more secure bases from which there would be no escape.


“Uoez, how’s it looking in there?”

“All quiet at the moment.  Access out should be a bit easier”, he said holding up the guard’s security key. 

“Let me just delete the recordings of our entrance and disable a few cameras and I’ll be right out”


“Quickly check how’s Qes is getting on” Sidle said. 

“They’re still busy!” Uoez chuckled.

“All done” he said as he walked out of the guards room.


Raxter ran through the exit plan quickly as he placed Hokkla in binders. This is too easy; I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Roan thought to himself. Lets hope I’m wrong!


They traced their path back to the main door, from the building to the courtyard, without incident.

As the door opened and they moved out Roan knew something was wrong.


The courtyard now had an Imperial Shuttle and everyone’s eyes where drawn to a man wearing an Admirals Uniform, standing at the top of the landing ramp!





Muld saw the group with the Rebel Wookie and turned to Captain Tainer and whispered, “Did you authorise this?”


“No sir, standard protocol is for the Vanquishers landing party to collect the prisoner from the cells.”  Tainer was confused “I gave no orders after your instructions Sir”

“Who’s manning the observation post? Find out what is going on?” Tainer could hear the anger in Muld’s whisper.

“Yes Sir”



Chapter 7


Qes tried not to squirm as the guard, Frazen, kissed her neck again. She was straddling him as he lay on the floor she whispered “ the wait makes it even more pleasurable.” She had tried to keep her distance but she knew what he wanted and it wasn’t good conversation.  She just had to keep him occupied for a little longer. She would scrub herself down when they were all well away from here.


The Console beeped then came a voice “Frazen this is Captain Tainer.”  Other communications had been ignored.  Qes could be quite persuasive.


Frazen moved his head from her neck and lifted her off him and moved towards the desk.  “Come back here..” she said grabbing his arm “..that was nice”  Qes had to keep him from the desk otherwise the game was up.  He pulled his arm away “I’ll be right back, honey”

He reached the mic “Captain, this is Officer Frazen”


“I want to know why an Escort team is at the Main door with the prisoner and on whose authorisation?” Frazen looked at the screen and noticed the stunned officer on the Prisoner cell control room floor.


“Oh no!” he said to himself “Sir we have a problem, the cell guard has been attacked.  I, I hadn’t noticed before” He turned to Qes to see her doing up her shirt as she moved towards the door.  He pulled out his blaster and pointed it at her.



Chapter 8



“I don’t think we should go any further” Roan said

The group stopped “We should get back inside the building!”. Nobody moved, Roan looked at Raxter and pleaded “Trust me!”  We’re so close he thought but he knew they could go no further

“You heard the kid. Get in” Raxter instructed






“Bring those men and the prisoner to me, use force if necessary” Tainer ordered a group of stormtroopers pointing at the rebels.


They moved forward towards the group as he issued further orders into his comlink.


As the rebels moved back inside the compound a blaster bolt caught Sidle on the shoulder turning him round and throwing him to the floor.  More shots started raining in from outside.  Uoez hit the door panel as Raxter and Hokkla fired back at two troopers coming down the corridor behind them. “Make sure that doesn’t open any time soon” Raxter order Uoez “It’s done” came the reply, moments later.


Tass, the other rebel dressed as an officer was holding Sidle

“How is he?” Raxter asked, letting out a few shots.


“Looks like just a graze, the armour took most of the hit.”  Tass explained as he dragged Sidle into a doorway.  “He’ll be okay if we can get him a bacta patch, soon!” The way he looked at Raxter explained it was more than a graze.


Roan ran behind Tass. “Anything I can do?”

“You know how to use a blaster?” Tass asked passing Roan Sidle’s Blaster. 

“umm,  I, er sort of!” Roan didn’t want to admit that he only once held Mantin’s Merr-son “Deathhammer” blaster when he’d put it away once.


Tass handed Roan Sidle’s E-11 blaster.  The metal felt cold in his hand it seemed so large.


“You gonna admire it or use it?” It was more a command than a question.


The odd shot ricocheted of the durasteel walls.  The troopers down the corridor were just keeping them pinned down.  Roan moved the gun into position leant around the wall and fired.


Nothing happened!!  “You may feel like taking the safety of” said Tass looking a bit concerned. “ Maybe you should stay with Sidle”

“I’m okay just a bit nervous, that’s all” He couldn’t believe what he was saying. He had a real stubborn streak and it might get him killed. I hate guns, he thought


He flicked the switch and leant out, shooting in the general direction of the imperials were.   He heard footsteps and mumbled instructions from the other side of the door that was locked behind them.  They were surrounded and if they managed to released the door that would be it for them.


Chapter 9



The Admiral reached the base of the ramp.  “ Can you explain the commotion, this should be a routine escort assignment?”


“Admiral, it appears that we have a small rebel problem, but it will soon be eradicated.  Isn’t that so Captain?” Muld turned to Tainer who now stood at his side.


“We have it in order Sir. They have managed to lock the door but I have an team dealing with it now.” Tainer reported slightly red in the face.


“Very well Captain, advise me when we have them. Those that remain alive will wish they were dead.” Muld was trying to appear in control.  This was not how he had seen the day turning out.  The situation could again turn out in his favour though.


“The Wookie smuggler must be captured alive. We believe he may be of value to me” Admiral Gallon added.



Chapter 10



“Raxter what are we going to do?”  Sidle shouted to the other side of the corridor as Roan let out another shot.

 “I‘m trying to think” came the reply as two bolts shot back at them.


Roan had seen a staircase about ten feet back down the corridor. It wasn’t a way out but it was better than just sitting waiting to be caught. “Stairs” He called out to Raxter, pointing back up the corridor, trying not to be heard by the imperials. Raxter looked at Roan he shrugged.  “Anyone else have any ideas?”  The question was answered only by another imperial blast.


“They’ll get reinforcements down the corridor soon and that door won’t keep them out for long.  Moving is our only choice.”  Raxter explained.  “Sidle you okay to move?”

“I’m okay Rax” replied Sidle in a weakened voice.


“Roan can you take Sidle first. We’ll provide cover?” roan nodded. “Hookla go with Uoez and we’ll bring up the rear.” 

“You all ready” Raxter was looking at Sidle concerned, as Tass and Roan helped him to his feet.



The cover fire was laid down and Roan helped Sidle back down the corridor as quick as he could. As they got to the bottom of the stairs Roan noticed an imperial blaster and he threw himself onto the steps pushing Sidle forward as two blasts past by his back. 

“Owwww” scream Sidle as he hit the stairs

“Sorry” Roan wasn’t used to dodging bullets “It’s okay, better a sore shoulder then a bolt in the head.”  He tried to smile at Roan but he looked pale and in a lot of pain.


Roan turned to fire at the imperials as two more rebels joined them.  Hookla towered over Roan as the final rebels made it to the bottom of the stairs. 


“Okay lets see where these take us”. Raxter said as he headed up the stairs.


They climbed three or four floors with Hookla carrying Sidle who was close to unconsciousness.  Each level had access back to the main facility but there didn’t appear to be any security cameras about.  They stopped  “Well we appeared to be trapped inside a building full of imperials” Uoez complained

 “Not helpful” said Raxter “How’s Sidle?”

Hookla let out a low growl

“We need to get out soon.”   He switched on the comlink and sent a signal to Qes and waited.




Chapter 11


“What are you doing, I don’t understand” Qes asked the Officer, Frazen, who was still pointing the blaster at her.

“This has got something to do with you, I know it.”  Frazen may not be as stupid as she had hoped

“You’re scaring me please put that down” Qes felt the comlink in her pocket but was unable to answer it.





No reply, Roan thought, she must be in trouble too. 


Raxter sent another signal this time a reply came back just a series of clicks but Raxter’s expression changed enough to let Roan know that it was a good sign. “Hoggy, what’s going on?” Raxter spoke quietly into the comlink.

“I don’t know have you got problems?”

“I think the games up.  There was a whole company and a shuttle in the courtyard and Qes isn’t answering.  We’re stuck in here.”

“The Guard must have realised something.  I don’t think anyone else has entered the Control Room.” Hoggy replied.

“Well you’re going to have to get her out of there” Raxter explained.

“What about you guys?”  Hoggy asked

“After you get Qes, send me a signal. You’ll have to get to the ship. Our only escape is to be airlifted out.”

“We have the shuttle but those cannons in the courtyard and on the roof would shoot me down before I reached you!”  Roan could hear the concern in Hoggy’s voice.

“Don’t worry, you get Qes.  I’ll sort something out.”

“Okay” Hoggy still sounded concerned.  He placed the comlink in his pocket and headed to the Control room.



Raxter turned back to the group “Uoez any chance of you disabling the cannons?”

“Individually manned I’m afraid no central link” Uoez had studied the buildings schematics and knew the set up like the back of his sweaty hand.

“Guys any ideas?”

Hookla’s growl was the only one to respond.

“How many would we have to destroy to give us a chance”

Hookla’s reply seemed angry

 “Calm down, I was asking Uoez” Raxter often forgot that only he understood the wookie.

“Asking what?” Uoez looked at Raxter.


“How many Cannons would we need to destroy..” They all fell silent as they heard footsteps of what seemed like a dozen troopers passing the door on the level below.  “…to allow a ship to get in and pick us up?” He continued in a whisper


“Let me think, even if I could get to a console,  to allow a shuttle in we’d need to disable all the roof cannons and preferably one of the ground ones for at least three maybe four minutes and there’s that Lambada shuttle down there!”


“Okay we’ll work something out” Raxter said sounding like a plan was already forming “I think we better get moving they’ll be making a sweep of the building by now.”

They all followed him up two floors. “We better move away from the stairs. It’s too obvious.”

“Uoez, Tass come with me, lets check out this floor.”

“Kid If you meet Imperials before we return give yourself in. Say we forced you do what you did.  I ‘d rather you stayed alive. Hookla will look after himself.” Raxter looked into Roans eyes “I’m sorry I got you into this”

Raxter moved to the limp body of Sidle and removed a comlink from one of his belt pouches. “Roan take this” he handed him the comlink “Hoggy’s signal is 3,1,3 he’ll respond the same.


As they moved towards the door Uoez pressed the panel and the door hissed open.  Raxter slowly edged his head into the corridor. “All clear” he whispered as he went through while Tass provided cover.  “May the force be with us all” mumbled Uoez as he disappeared from Roan’s view.


They waited.




Chapter 12


“This situation is lasting longer than I would have hoped Colonel” said the Admiral who was now in Muld’s office. 

“Admiral, we have them pinned down but still it is only a matter of time” Muld felt honesty was not the best policy.


Because of the Admirals arrival Muld had most of the troopers in the courtyard for show. So the building was pretty empty. They had filtered back into the complex now that the main door had been manually opened, but the Rebels had already climbed to a higher level. Tainer was co-ordinating the troop movement and keeping updated on the progress, which at the moment was none.  It was only a matter of time. The only way in and out was the main door.  There was no escape.

“Very well, if they are not captured soon I will take over this situation myself.  The Wookie is too valuable Colonel and my patience is fading”

“Yes Admiral,  I will check on the progress” Muld tried not look hurried as he returned to the control console. This was not helping his chances of getting of this rock. 




“BOOM!!!!” The explosion sent Frazen and Qes flying across the room.

A shadow descended upon Frazen and kicked the gun from his hand.


“You move you die!” said the huge form standing over him holding the blaster to his head

“You alright?” he asked Qes

She slowly got to her feet looking a bit dazed.  “I’ll be fine.” She brushed herself off.

Qes walked over to Frazen “Sorry to end our date so soon, it was just getting fun.”  Hoggy passed her a set of binders.

Frazen struggled as Qes placed the binders on him and looped them around a support column

“I’ll see you rebels rotting in a cell, mark my words.”  Frazen’s words followed the rebels out the door.


“Subtle Hoggy” Qes smiled

“Effective I’d say” Hoggy remarked as they jumped into the speeder parked outside.  Shots from the stormtroopers spilling out from the imperial facility opposite indicated. Hoggy’s rescue had not gone unnoticed




Chapter 13


It seemed like a lifetime as they stood there, but it was probably just a few minutes.  Roan thought about speaking to Hookla but as he wouldn’t be able to understand any of the wookie’s answers, he just stood in silence, scared!


Suddenly they heard blaster fire from behind the door, followed by the hiss as the door opened. They turned and started to run up the stairs.  Hookla’s long legs took him away from Roan and he could hear the sound of footsteps coming through the door and up the stairs. Roan’s heart was pounding so loudly he thought it would burst out of his chest. 


“Keep going” Roan shouted at Hookla as he reached the 6th level. “We’ve got company”

A growl came from Hookla as he stopped and turned. Roan ran straight into him. Behind the fur it was like running into a brick wall.


He fell back clutching the blaster... Before he could think he rolled over pointing the gun at the pursuers, Raxter’s words lost behind his natural survival instincts,. and he pulled the trigger….


…a big hairy foot kicked him and he flew into the wall winded. A body rolled past him “Hey kid I’m on your side” stated an angry Tass as he turned around rifle pointing back down the stairs.

Hookla let off two shots felling two storm troopers who had been pursuing Tass.

 “I’m glad you’re no hotshot like Hookla!” Tass said as he fired back down the stairs “Get up they’ll be more coming.” Roan’s head was spinning as he tried to get to his feet grabbing his blaster.


By the time he managed to breath properly again and fully register what had happened He was running up more stairs. Roan noticed a sign stating level nine as Tass opened a door and ran through Hookla pushed Roan through and growled.

“ Keep up kid” Tass repeated. They ran down a corridor Roan starting to increase his pace and close on Tass.  Tass stopped next to a door pressing a panel. Tass waited for Roan and Hookla to go in and followed them shutting the door behind them. 


Roan took a deep breathed looked around the room they had entered.  He was surprised to see Uoez sitting at a terminal Raxter standing over him.  After a while Raxter looked up

“I ran into a few imperials on the way Rax. I think they know we’re above level Seven we might not have that much time” Tass said apologetically.

“It’s okay Uoez has got quite a bit of access we should be moving on a soon”




“We had a report of a sighting in the east staircase level six” the stormtroopers voice came through Capt Tainer’s comlink.  “Then we lost contact, they must be heading up all other routes are covered.”


“Then it’s only a matter of time?” Tainer enquired

“We have two dozen troops heading there now captain doing a standard sweep we should have them capture in under twenty minutes”


“Good, carry on” Tainer hoped that this would keep Muld happy.  He had been very short during their last communication”


He changed the comlink’s channel to Muld’s frequency “Colonel, we have a location, East Wing between level six and the roof” 


“I would have hoped you would have them by now Captain”


“We should have them in binders in less than twenty minutes Sir”


“The rebels will pay for this.  Remember not to harm the……” Muld’s office feel into darkness.

“What Now!?”



Chapter 14



 “What now!?” said Roan the room now in complete darkness.

Hookla let out a low growl

“Sweet” said Uoez

“It’s okay Uoez has taken the power down.”  Raxter explained

“Okay guys this is the plan” Raxter took a deep breath as their eyes got used to the darkness.

“ We need to disable or destroy all three cannons on the roof and destroy the ground cannon in the rear courtyard so we can get a shuttle in here.”

“If we take control one of the roof cannons we should be able to destroy one in the courtyard but need to deal with the other two and the guards first” Uoez added

“Access to the roof should be guarded but the vent system leads to the roof” Roan could make out Raxter’s hand pointing to a grill in the ceiling.  “It was electrified, but thanks to Uoez we should be able to climb through it”

“We need to be quick. We anticipat the number of troopers on the roof could be up to a dozen! Two at each Gun and four patrolling, and two at the door”


Raxter grabbed Roan again “This is not your fight, give yourself in. You have done your bit kid”

“No!” Roan said.  “I choose to come, I’m staying.”  Raxter sighed, he could see there was no changing Roan’s mind, and turned back to the rest.


“Tass and I will gain access to the roof and take out as many troopers as possible. Hopefully we’ll cause enough disruption that the rest can access through the main door.”  Uoez had already climbed up and was removing the grill. 

”Rax it may be a little tight for you in there.  Tass may be a better fit” said Uoez as he examined the vent.


Raxter stepped on to a desk then climbed a cabinet and checked the gap.  “I guess you’ve got a point,  I don’t want to get stuck in there”  His broad frame would have struggled in that tight space thought Roan.

“Okay Uoez you and Tass go and take these rifles. Try to get at least a few shots off before they know what’s happening if two or three go down it would make our task easier” Raxter helped both climb into the narrow vent. “Uoez give the signal when you are in position”


“Sure Rax” Uoez replied. Roan noticed that his initial nervousness had disappeared.


As they both vanished from sight, Raxter checked all their weapons and held up some mines.  He then checked on Sidle.

Hookla let out a sad growl

“He’ll pull through I promise you, It’s not your fault, we all knew what we where taking on”


Roan could see Sidle’s breathing was shallow as he lay on the table Hookla had placed him on.  His eyes opened a little

Sidle spoke barely a whisper “I’ll be fine”.

“Ssh, conserve your energy for the party when we get out of here” Raxter said. “Let’s get going”


Hookla lifted Sidle over his shoulder as Raxter opened the door and peered out “All clear.  Lets be quick.” He trotted out the door towards the stairs followed by Roan and Hookla.


As they climbed they could hear troopers footsteps a couple of floors below.  Raxter placed his finger to his lips as they proceeded in silence.


They arrived at the final two flights of stairs leading to the roof entrance.  Raxter placed mines on the door and then on the stairs.  Roan realised that after they gained access to the roof Raxter would blow up as much of the stair case as possible preventing the Stormtroopers, searching for them a few levels down, following them onto the roof.  They waited in silence



Chapter 15



Muld shook his head, and heard Admiral Gallon enter his office, only light by emergency lighting.  “I hope you have some answers for me?”


He stood tall “It appears my Captain is not as in control as he thinks”


“This is your station, I am holding you responsible Colonel and that is where the blame will stop” Gallon’s features were stern as he stared at Muld who was starting to feel dizzy.  “Give me a full update, now. I will not let these rebels escape”


Muld quickly provided Gallon with the current position.  “They have no way out Sir we have them surrounded it is only a matter of time”


“You’ve had long enough.”  Gallon took the data pad from Muld’s hand showing the building schematics.


“The roof is their only option.  They will try and disable the cannons and get a transport to lift them out” Gallon said still studying the plans which showed where the Stormtroopers were located.  He shook his head and scowled at Muld.




Raxter sighed, he had contemplated surrender but he knew that they would probably be killed for their actions today.  He knew storming the roof was futile, the open space would leave them as sitting targets even if they managed to take a few troopers with them, but it was the only option left. . Had he just signed death warrants for them all, including Roan.


The signal came and Raxter set the first set of mines placed on the door. They all ran up the stairs through the gap previously occupied by the door.  Roan looked around he spotted the first trooper after a salvo of shots the trooper fell to the floor, he heard the explosion as Raxter blew up the stairs.  He then stopped shooting, as did Raxter and the big wookie.




Chapter 16


“You only have four men on the roof!” Gallon was fuming.


“I reassigned the troops for your arrival” Muld realised how stupid he now sounded.  Gallon expression showed that he agreed.


“I think I shall be taking over command of this Installation Colonel, until I can find someone competent to run it”


Muld felt the blood draining from his body and his knees felt week.


“Sir I ….” Words failed him and he slumped down into his chair.  Before he could gather his thoughts two of Gallon’s troopers had lifted him from the chair and were escorting him out of his office. 


“You will pay for you incompetence Colonel, I will see to it personally.”  Gallon boiled hoping he could rectify this situation before it was to late




“This must be our lucky day” Raxter was astonished as he saw the four dead troopers. They had all been killed before they could react to the rebels.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Hookla was removing the grill from the vent and then pulled his two comrades out. He turned back to Raxter and growled”


“Okay, okay, I’m on it.”  Raxter grabbed his comlink. “Hoggy, you there?”

“Yeah Raxter I’m in the shuttle waiting for you instructions. I got Qes as well” Hoggy replied

“Okay we should have a window for you to come get us very soon, get airborne I’ll send you a signal”

“No problem, I’ll be waiting ” The shuttle, Raxter knew, was only a few parsecs away and soon they’d out of here


Raxter moved to the nearest gun and flicked the switch to operate it.  Fully functional someone must be watching over us he thought.  He turned the sight down to the rear courtyard got the nearest gun in sight and fired


“KABBBBBOOOMMMMMM” The cannon below exploded and he moved his aim to the next gun


A group of troopers had reached the bottom of where the stairs leading to the roof had been before Raxter had blown it up and were throwing grenades but the rebels had found cover.  Hokkla threw a grenade back. From the screams amongst the explosion he had found his target.

Chapter 16


The Admiral looked at the monitors.  All of them were blank.


He spoke into his comlink “Captain Tainer I want the power back up, NOW!!!”


“We have people on it Admiral it should only be…” He paused as the monitors came to life.  All three roof monitors showed static.  The rebels must have taken them out, he thought.  A large explosion appeared on one of the courtyard monitors.


“They’re clearing the ground cannons for a shuttle.  We are going to need air support”


He contacted his shuttle to advise them to take off and secure the prisoners on the roof.  He then contacted the Vanquisher and ordered a dozen Tie-Fighters to proceed to the area in case the rebels had extra support.  Things would soon be in order the rebels would pay with their lives and the Wookie would have a worse fate




The shuttle pilot received his order a second before he felt the explosion.  Instinctively he had switched the shields on and the cannons bolts coming from the roof caused the ship no damage.  He started to lift the shuttle ready to carry out his orders





“Raxter we have a real problem.  The shuttle has is shields up and appears to be taking off” Tass had sent a volley of fire towards the Shuttle but the shields were holding.


Hearing the explosion and seeing the wall collapse onto the shuttle collapsing the shields and destroying most of the port wing, the rebels looked over to the other side of the roof.  Behind one of the guns was Roan.

“That shuttle won’t be going anywhere soon” he said, the rebels looked astonished.


“Good job kid” said Raxter.


As Roan looked at Raxter and the others he could see another shuttle approaching behind them.  He could see by the way Tass and Uoez were waving it was Hoggy.  By the time Roan was back with the rest Hoggy was just putting the ship down on the roof Qes standing at the access ramp.  They all climbed in


Roan felt the ship turn and move away from the Imperial building.  We’re safe, he thought to himself.  As he relaxed he almost felt like crying.  Roan now realised the adrenalin had helped hide how scared he had actually been.




By the time the Tie-fighters arrived the rebels were gone.  Gallon instructed the squad be kept on high alert and patrol the airspace around Trallon-Soro. The Vanquishers was also put on alert for any ships leaving the atmosphere and Squads of troopers were being transported down to the city.  It wasn’t over yet. 



Chapter 17


The Admiral stood in the cell that would be Muld’s home now, Captain Tainer at his side.  “Feed him scraps keep him alive and never let him leave this cell Captain.” He looked at Muld, stripped of his uniform, standing before him.


“But Admiral it was just a smuggler and a few rebels.” Muld was trying to squirm his way out of this situation.


“The Wookie, Hokklaton, if my intelligence is correct, is not just an arms supplier to the Rebels but also hold a high ranking position as well.”  Gallon had hoped to present the prisoner to Lord Vader who would have found great satisfaction in torturing the rebel for any information he may have.

You may have cost me a great prize and so you will pay!”


“My family will not stand for this” Muld tried to sound strong denying how he felt.


“You family have already received notification of your death at the hands of the rebels, you incompetent fool” Gallon moved forward and slapped Muld across the face.  “Never speak unless told to do so, or you WILL be beaten” Gallon fury was evident “Do I make myself clear Colonel Tainer


“Yes Sir” Tainer replied saluting and smiling at Muld.


Gallon turned and left the cell followed by Tainer. 


After the door to the cell had been closed and locked Muld sat on the cot. This day had not gone as planned






After they had landed the ship in a deserted old hanger they had taken a speeder back to the repair shop. Sidle had eventually had received some much needed bacta to his shoulder and was looking a little better as he slept.  For the first time smiles appeared on faces Hoggy grabbed Roan and gave him a big Hug “We did it” The others where also embracing and now exchanging stories of their parts in tonight’s events.


“Guys, Guys!” Raxter’s raised voiced silenced the group and they all looked at the holo screen he had switched on.  Pictures of the rebels moving through the Imperial complex, were on the screen with reports of their “criminal” activities and the need for their immediate arrest.  All information leading to this would result in substantial financial reward.  Information concerning the grounding of all ships and roadblocks being set up was reported as well. “…Admiral has announce that the Imperial Army has seized the city anyone found on the streets will be arrested and questioned” said the broadcaster


“Looks like that Admiral isn’t giving up”


We’ll need to get out of the city and arrange for transport off the planet.” Raxter explained. “It’s not over yet!”


Is this how I want to spend the rest of my life?  Roan’s mind was racing thinking of what they had done and how close he had come to death.  Yes was his immediate response.  He looked at the rest of the occupants of the room.  These are good people, the.  I know I can make a difference. 


“Can I come with you?”  Roan looked at Raxter.

“You’ve proved your trustworthy Roan.”  Raxter walked over to Roan and took him to one side


“It’s a big decision.  The Imperials are starting to hunt us down.  The threat of capture, torture and death are real” Raxter explained, his words spoken quietly and eyes fixed on Roans

“I know...” Roan paused “Today proved to me that I am prepared for that” Roan replied. “I want to help and be more than an errand boy”


“Okay, if it’s what you really want, but no one will think worse of you if you choose not to, my friend” Raxter’s words were kind and he could tell Roan’s decision was made.

“I’m sure” Roan tried to stand a bit taller and smiled at the Rebel.



Chapter 18



“Do not fail me Admiral” Came the deep voice from the holographic figure as the communication was ended.


Gallon felt all the hairs on his body stand on end.  He pushed the flashing button on the desk in front of him “Captain Assda, good news I hope?” 


“We have created a tight perimeter around the city Admiral but the search could take days” Assda replied. “I want those rebels Captain. I will not tolerate any further failures.”


“Yes Admiral.” Assda had spent many years with Gallon and had not seen him like this before.” I have received a communication from Colonel Tainer he wants to know if he can offer you any assistance”


“Tell him we have it under control Captain.” 






Raxter and Hookla where having some sort of disagreement.  Roan had tried along with the others to pretend they hadn’t noticed.  The wookies arms flew into the air as he let out a large growl.


Raxter turned and looked at his friends. “There is something you need to know” He began “Hookla is not just a rebel weapons smuggler he’s actually one of the Rebel leaders..” the wookie let out a low growl from behind him ”..and it appears, by the effort the imperial are going to, that the Admiral knows this, too.”


“I thought this was a lot of effort for a smuggler” said Hoggy


“Hookla appreciates what we have done for him today, and is forever in your debt, but would not want you to take any further risks and would now like to proceed alone.”  The group looked stunned. “I have told him that I will go with him.”  Hookla’s grumbling showed this had been the reason for the argument.


Hoggy was the first to stand “I’m coming to!” the rest followed suit, including Roan

“We are rebels we fight for the cause wherever it will lead us Rax” Said Qes smiling.


“But …” Raxter tried to argue

“Don’t bother Raxter” said Uoez “we’re a team”

Roan just nodded.


“Okay” Raxter conceded Hookla started to laugh and patted him on the shoulder. The Rebels expression relaxed a little.


“Well if we are all in we need to get out of Trallon and of this planet”



Chapter 19



Colonel Tainer had reviewed the reports he had to hand, the three remaining Captains stood before him.

“The Admiral is co-ordinating his resources to locate the Rebels, he assured me that they will be caught” Tainer was happy to let the Admiral deal with what appear to be a massive task.


“I would like to help the Admiral out though. Do we have any leads on where these Rebels could be?”  Tainer asked.  The three Captains shook their heads and looked dumb, he wasn’t sure if they were quite ready to answer to him yet but the Admiral had seen fit to promote him so they would come around.


“Look I’m not Muld we are all in this, if we help this could be good for us” Tainer relaxed in his seat.


Captain Staint, leaned forward, his red hair always made him stand out “Look Major if we had any ideas you’d know about it”


“I know Staint but someone must have some leads we have been aware of rebel movements for months?” Tainer threw the reports on the desk “We need to find them, tell me what’s not in the reports guys?” He pleaded


“We’ll ask around, but if someone hasn’t disclosed information that would have helped by now I doubt they will” replied Captain Staint


“Okay Captains, get me information, something, anything, dismissed!”  He saluted and they returned the gesture turned and left the room.






“The troopers and observation droids are combing the streets and building as we speak, but Trallon’s a big city.”  Captain Assda explained to the Admiral.  “The city administrators are starting to make noises the city needs to function”


“Captain I want them caught I don’t care what it takes” Gallon’s icy stare reflected his determination “Contact the Administrators I will speak to them”


“Yes Admiral”



The streets of Trallon-Soro were now empty apart from the odd patrol moving around the streets broadcasting the recorded message. “The Imperial Navy has taken control of the city. The streets are off limits until the traitors are located. ”  The Holonet had also advised all its inhabitants of this message a few hours ago. Those that had been found had been moved back into the building or taken away.


Raxter turned away from the window.  “You all still in?” The rebels nodded, Hookla growled, as did Hoggy’s stomach.  The initial plans about getting out of the city had been scrapped when they had seen the holonet broadcast.


“Sewers?” said Roan “Could we use the sewers?”


“I would be surprised if the Admiral hasn’t got them covered but it’s an option” Raxter sighed “any other ideas?”


“There are some abandoned ones that Mantin told me about” Roan continued “They don’t appear on any records” Raxter’s eyes lit up “Go on”


“Mantin knows more about them, we should contact him.”  Roan’s friend, also a rebel, would probably be annoyed to hear of Roan’s involvement today. Raxter passed Roan a communicator and he contacted Mantin.


After a while a reply came


“Yeah?” Mantin sounded nervous “It’s Roan, I’m with Raxter”


They continued talking, Raxter joining in, as Mantin explained about the old sewers not used since way before the clone wars.  A plan was formed Mantin would also try and get out of the city and meet them at a rendezvous point.



Chapter 20



“We have located the transport that the rebels used captain.” Said the stormtrooper.


“Good, concentrate the searches in that area and use the infra-red equipment to scan the buildings. That wookie should be easy to identify.  Assda had done his research, Byblos main population was humanoids of standard build the eight-foot wookie would stand out like a sore thumb.





“Gentlemen” said Admiral Gallon.  The Hologram on his desk showed the six administrators of Trallon-Soro.


“Admiral” replied Galvin Yeesr the spokesperson  “We need to find out how much longer this search will last. We have people who believe WE control the City and are holding us responsible for today’s actions.”


“I assure you that I will continue this until the rebels are located.” Gallon stood up. How dare they ask him to explain his actions “If any of you decide to waste any more of my, or my sub ordinates time my actions will more than demonstrate how disappointed I will be.”


He cancelled the transmission.




As they moved out into the street a patrol had just passed and the announcement could still be heard in the distance.  Qes and Uoez were in the Stormtrooper uniforms, the rest in their own clothes.  Sidle still looked pale but had told Raxter he was okay to go. Leaving him behind was not an option and he had felt bad that they had to wait this long. 


Roan was concerned as he noticed Sidle wince a few times.  But time wasn’t on their side.


They stayed close to the walls. It was a few blocks until they would be able to locate the derelict building that would allow them to gain access to the sewer and the air and ground patrols were quite regular.  The sound of a tie in the distance sent shivers down Roans spine as they continued on.  The early morning shadows would help their movements go unnoticed. They just had to stay away from the patrols.   Two blocks later they heard the sound of a transport “look for cover” said Raxter


They were in the old business district and the buildings rose up either side of the group as they ran from door to door.  “Locked” shouted Tass, as he shook a large set of double doors “Same here” said Roan form the other side of the road


The sound of the transport was getting louder. Roan looked to the end of the street where he thought he could see the shadow of the Imperial transports.  He was just about to tell the group when Raxter shouted “Uoez has the key for this one” meaning he had sliced his way in


The door shut and the room fell into complete darkness.  From what Roan had seen it was an open lobby area with no windows, a reception desk in the middle and stairs along the sidewalls.  The group waited crouched behind the door.  The imperial transport sounded like it was coming down the street they had vacated.


Suddenly the lights in the room came on “Who…”Raxter didn’t get to finish as a voice came from behind them.


“Don’t move and don’t turn around” the voice was deep and male and probably the person who switched on the lights.



Chapter 21



The Stormtrooper scanned the small repair shop, but it showed no heat sources.  “All clear” he said and they moved on to the next building






“Nothing yet sir” said the Captain Assda “We have checked all the buildings around where the transport was found” 


Gallon didn’t like to hear the news but Assda was a good man and would make sure Gallon had all the information, good or bad.


“They must know what we are doing” Gallon voiced his thoughts, “where are they?”  Gallon was concerned that they would escape.  How would he explain this to HIM.






“Look friend” said Raxter “we mean you no harm”

.”You just broke into my building Mister, I’ll be the only one doing any harm!” The direction of the voice moved as he spoke.  The transport sounded close now.


“Just stay calm nobody move” whispered Raxter to the group.

“Is that a patrol outside?”  The stranger asked.  “Is that why you broke into my building?” No one responded.  The only noise was the imperials moving down the street. The message being announced could now be clearly heard.


“I’ve seen the holonet, there’s not many wookies on Byblos.  What’s the chance that you are the Rebels they are after?”  He could only see their backs but Hookla was easily identifiable even from the rear. “Quite a hansom reward if I heard correctly.”  The stranger was toying with them but it was obvious he was not going to let them go until the imperials knew their whereabouts.  Roan could feel the man moving away, probably towards the desk.  The imperials sounded like they were now passing by the other side of the door


“He’s going to contact the imperials!” whispered Roan.  “We have to stop him, no gun fire” Raxter said. He was worried that the patrol might hear.  He lifted his hand and motioned for the group to split into three groups.  They all nodded


“What are you doing?” the stranger asked as Raxter said “Go” and the rebels leapt to their feet spreading apart.  Roan could now see the man, average build and wearing what appeared to be a security guards outfit, bryar pistol held out in front of him.  He was at the desk and was trying to get to the comm unit so he could contact the Imperials.  Roan reached the guard first before he could react and dived under the pistol and tackled the man.  Ramming him into the desk, Roan didn’t manage to knock him down but heard the wind leave the security guards body.  Before the guard could react Tass had knocked the gun from his hand and Raxter and Qes were pointing their weapons at the guard.


“Hands up” Raxter said to the man as Roan moved away from him.  “Move away from the desk” Raxter indicated the direction with the pistol.


“Another few seconds and he would have had the imperials surrounding the place!” Raxter said.


Tass tied the guard, apologised to him and then rejoined the group by the door. The Imperial patrol could no longer be heard. 


Then an alarm went off!



Chapter 22


The Imperial transport stopped and the message stopped playing. In the distance an alarm could be heard. The streets were quiet and it seemed strange  “Lets check it out?” said RH-564.  As they turned the vehicle around they noticed a group of people moving across the street.


He pointed but the driver had already accelerated towards them as they disappeared from view.





As they crossed the street they all noticed the imperial transport turning “Run” said Raxter.  Most were already moving.  They still had two blocks until they reached the building leading to the old sewers. They would never make it.  


The sound of the accelerating vehicle was like the growl of a predator hunting its prey.


“There” shouted Roan and pointed to a side alley about 50 metres away.  “What?” said Raxter.


“It’s a back way and far less open.” He explained still running, “ we’ll be sitting ducks if we stay on this road.”  Raxter knew he was right.  “Follow Roan” he instructed the rest, as Roan disappeared down the alleyway.  Sidle was last and made the entrance just as the Transport rounded the corner.






The Admiral smiled as he looked at the hologram of Trallon-soro and it zoomed into the old business area. “Cease” he said and the hologram stopped to show a six-block area. I’d almost given up he thought.


“Captain you have redirected all transports and Sections to that area and have created a tight perimeter?” Gallon asked.


“Yes Sir, the report said there was a wookie and what appeared to be two stormtroopers in the group” Captain Assda recounted the message from RH-564. “I have no doubt these are the rebels”


“We have them. Start closing in the perimeter and scan and evacuate the buildings. Hold every person you find.” Gallon was sure they couldn’t get out now.  He saw the hologram indicating the imperials moving into position as instructed. “No mistakes” 


The stormtroopers, equipped with Infrared binoculars, would find them in no time. Even though they had lost sight of them there would be no way out. The Admiral moved towards the map and he could see the thin sewers only a few would be big enough for the rebels to travel down and they were already were crawling with droids armed with stun grenades should they come across any life forms. He focused on a flashing red beacon, which indicated where the rebels were last spotted. He smashed his fist down on that spot and took a deep breath.  They would pay dearly for their actions.






They reached the end of the alleyway and looked across the street to the derelict building on the other side.   Only one road separated them from it.  But when Tass had looked out he had seen an Imperial Assault Vehicle at the end of the road.  There was no way to cross without being seen

“Guess we make a run for it” said Raxter.  They could tell from the increased sounds of transports and ties all around that the imperials had been alerted to their presence. It was only a matter of time.


Tass peeked out again. About two hundred meters down the street was the Imperial Assault Vehicle with a dozen stormtroopers walking along side it. It moved slowly towards where they rebels waited.  Behind he saw four stormtroopers appear from a building with a couple of civilians. They pushed them into a transport which pulled up beside them.  Tass conveyed the scene to the others.


“We’re so close” said Qes looking at their destination opposite.


Chapter 23



“Well at least they don’t appear to know where we are or where we are heading” Raxter explained


If they made a run for it, across the street, they would be seen.  They may make it to the sewers but the imperials would be right behind them and they would be caught.  We need some sort of distraction Roan thought, just to draw their attention away so that they could get to the building unseen.  He looked at each of the faces of the group, Sidle looked pale and in pain again.  Finally he locked eyes with Raxter. Raxter could see right through Roan.


“What are you thinking Roan?” he asked.


“If they see us we’ll be caught and it’s over Raxter, unless they are distracted” As he spoke he had moved towards Hoggy and now unclipped a few mines from his belt and backed away


”What..” Roan interrupted Hoggy “We need a distraction, I’m it.”  Raxter moved towards Roan but he kept backing away “If this works get to the sewers and get out of here”


Before anyone could respond he turned and ran back down the alleyway turning left at the first junction and out of the rebels sight. 


“Roan!”  Raxter tried to call, quietly, but it was too late.




The Holographic Map showed the Imperials slowly moving down every street tightening the net that would capture the scum.  Gallon smiled.


“We have fifty three people detained none of them are the ones we are looking for.”  He referred back to the map.” The perimeter is under a kilometre and all the buildings are being evacuated. They must appear soon”


“The wookie must be captured alive. The rest It would be preferred but not essential.”




“Damn kid” Raxter said under his breath.


“Okay get ready to move” He explained


Hookla Growled.  “ Sorry, I can’t stop him now and he’s right, if something doesn’t happen we are all going to be captured and killed, I’m not happy but he’s made his choice and if he succeeds I want to be ready.”







Roan tried to ignore the voices in his head telling him this was by far the most stupid thing he had ever done.  When he had turned the corner and out of his friends sight his instincts told him to hide so he stopped behind a large box.  From the lack of noise behind him he knew the rebels had not decided to chase after him.  He looked out and could see two troopers in their white armour at the end of the alley.


After a few deep breaths he pictured the surrounding area thinking of how he could get behind the Imperials.  Time was not on his side.


He crawled closer to the troopers, behind large debris scattered down the alley.  To his amazement when he was close enough to the troopers to hear the static of their head mics. He saw a small window just above the floor level that would probably lead into some sort of cellar.   He tried to prize it open with his fingers but it wouldn’t move.  The imperials started to move forward, kicking away the boxes and crates as they did so.


Suddenly there was a great wailing noise.  “You’re ruining my home you hutt slime”  came a gravely old voice.  Roan’s heart jumped as a ball of rags moved passed him towards the troopers.  “Who do you think you are” it screamed at the troopers.  Roan could just see the old man now from between two boxes.  His face turned, a worn face with a grey dirty beard looked straight at Roan and smiled, turned away and continued to verbally abuse the troopers. During the commotion Roan felt confused.  His instincts took control and he smashed the glass pane and slid into the darkness, the sound masked by the commotion cause by the tramp. Outside a stun bolt hit the old tramp and he slumped to the ground.  The troopers called for a pick up team and started to move on unaware.


He had landed on a few crates and rolled to the floor.  Climbing back to the window he had watched the troopers move past before he climbed back out into the alley.  As he ran passed the body of the old man he whispered “Thank you” and wished he had time to carry him to safety.







Raxter looked at the rest of his friends. They looked tired and sad.  He wished Roan had not been so stupid and brave but he had to consider the group.  “He did a good thing, I hate to admit it but capture at the moment would mean death for us all.”  He tried to make eye contact with each person. “If he manages to distract the imperials and some of us make it we’ll make sure people remember his name.”


“You talking like he’s dea...” said Qes, Raxter cutting her words short  “That is not what I meant, I’m just saying...”




Chapter 24



The Imperial Assault Vehicle moved down the middle of the street there were stormtroopers standing either side.  A small shape, moving into the street behind them, launched three grenades at the vehicle. 


The figure disappeared into a building on the other side of the street as the rear end of the Vehicle was opened up by the force of the grenades. The troopers were flung to the floor. As they rose to their feet they were already heading away from the rebels towards the building Roan had entered.






They rushed across the street only Raxter paused to see if he could make out where Roan was before leaping through the doorway of the building that hopefully would lead them to freedom.


“Keep going” he instructed “Where?”  Came the reply from more than one of the rebels.


He looked around the building, which was more like a demolition site, rubble everywhere.  Looking up he could see the sky where parts of the building had collapsed.  “There must be some way down, Mantin said it was hidden in the far left corner”


They all moved towards that area and found a old battered iron locker. Raxter opened the door to reveal a hole in the wall behind at the back of the locker, with a staircase that led down into the darkness beyond.


“What are you waiting for?” Raxter knew the answer, once they disappeared down towards the sewers they had deserted Roan.  “Guys it’s what he wanted. Whatever happens he did this so we could get away, if I could switch places I would.”  He saw a tear appear on Hoggy’s cheek.  “I’ll do whatever I can to get him back but for now we have to move on”.


Hokkla let out a low growl and pushed Qes and Sidle into the locker and followed.  Raxter waited for the rest to follow and shut the doors as he passed through.






Roan ran he never looked back as he passed through doors up stairs and eventually into a turbolift.  He hesitated and just hit a button. The doors closed with a hiss and he slumped to the floor.  He took a deep breath as the reality of the situation hit him.  He hoped the rebels had escaped. He had seen them moving across the road through the smoke screen created by the grenades.  Had the Imperials noticed them?   He could not be sure but a smile appeared on his face it was as if he could feel they had made it to the tunnel.


The sound of the doors opening startled him and he jumped to his feet.  Stuck in a building soon to be swarming with imperials, he felt a sense of déjà vu but this time he was alone.  The lift indicated he was on the forty-second floor. He looked into the corridor straight in front of him there were numerous doors on each side and another lift at the other end some hundred metres away. He found a trashcan and jammed the lift door open and ran towards the other end of the corridor. The lift was heading up, full of stormtroopers, he guessed.  He lifted his blaster and shot at the door. A small hole appeared just about fist size and large enough for the grenade he dropped into the shute.  A few seconds later he heard the explosion.   He couldn’t help wondering about who had been in the lift; imperials or not they had parents and friends. 


How did he end up here he thought?  The adventure was reality now and he felt confused and scared.  He felt the adrenaline disappear and he felt weak.






Gallon took a deep breath “It’s a distraction. Tell the men to hold their positions and get that building sealed off and continue the search. The rebels are close I’m sure of that.”


His commands were passed on and he saw order restored to the scene before him.  He looked at the map and pointed at a battered building “Order a squad there immediately tell them to make a thorough search.”


Again the Captain passed on his orders.  “Prepare my shuttle I want to be there when we capture them”






The group moved to the bottom of the staircase in silence. A few glow rods were their only source of light. 

Just as Mantin had explained a couple of maintenance carts were waiting at the entrance to the sewers and they all climbed in.  As they disappeared down the sewers Raxter pressed the activation button setting off the mines placed on the first part of the staircase.  If he was right the stairs and entrance would cave in leaving no trace of there escape route. 


The others had argued Roan would be unable to follow them if he managed to get away.  Raxter had explained that it wouldn’t be long before the Imperials became aware of what had happened and a simple scan would reveal the hidden entrance.  He just couldn’t risk their capture when they were so close. They were his responsibility and Roan had made his choice.  No one had spoken since. 


The sound of the carts engines echoed down the tunnels



Chapter 25



Roan took a deep breath and cleared his mind of all thoughts of giving up. Instead he just concentrated on the problem at hand. This was another Jedi technique he had taught himself. His conscience would have to wait.


Forty-two floors and an Imperial garrison, how was he going to get away from here?  There is always a solution he thought to himself.  He was checking each room. Some were office areas others conference and meeting rooms. As he reached about halfway, he opened the door and couldn’t believe his eyes.  Where all the other rooms had clear duracrete revealing the Byblos skyline, this one was had just an opening and the room was two floors high with assorted small air speeders waiting to ferry people around the city.  It was a landing platform area.  He tried the first vehicle he got to, a purple single person sealed speeder, the hum of the engines was music to his ears.







The light at the end of the tunnel was a great sight and as they reached the end of they climbed from the maintenance carts and out of the sewers.  The entrance was covered by natural foliage and once out they could see it was well hidden.


“Drop your weapons and put you hands on your heads” came a voice from behind them. “I didn’t say turn. I have a dozen guns trained on you all. One false move and they have been order to shoot.” The rebels obliged.


Colonel Tainer’s informant had been right. Gallon would be pleased when he handed the Rebels over.  He sent three troopers to cuff the scum


“Nobody do anything stupid. We’ve come this far I don’t want to loose any more people” Raxter wished he could rephrase his comment but he was tired and he wondered when this would all end.  He heard the troopers coming towards them and then the cuffs on his wrists.  He saw Sidle collapse when Hokkla was made to let go of him.  They all started to protest until a blaster went off.  “Don’t test my patience!” Yelled Tainer “Cuff all the rebels!” he ordered indicating Sidle should also be put in binders even though he appeared to have passed out.


We were so close Raxter thought. Now we may all die. He wondered how Roan was.







Gallons shuttle reached the airspace above Byblos when the message came about the explosion in the derelict building. A huge structural collapse meant that he had been right about the escaping rebels, but they would not be able to give chase.


Damn those rebels he thought his blood boiling.


Just then he saw a purple air speeder fly away from a building below. He immediately recognised the building from the holomap.  “Chase that shuttle and destroy it”. Enough games he thought, “I want them dead and one is better than none.”


He moved to the cockpit and strapped himself into the seat behind the pilot as the shuttle moved into position behind the Speeder. A salvo of lasers tore the small machine to bits.  He felt no satisfaction and that annoyed him further.


“Return to my ship..”  Gallon ordered “..and get me Colonel Tainer”



Chapter 26



Tainer moved towards the rebels ”Did you think you would get away insolent fools?” No one responded.


“The rebellion is a irritant the Emperor will soon be rid of. I have a good mind to kill you right now but the Admiral I’m sure will be a bit more inventive.”  He walked around them and stood in front of Raxter. The smile and colour suddenly left his face.


Over Raxter’s shoulder, where he should have seen his stormtroopers, were now a handful of civilians, armed with weapons that included his troopers E-11s. 


“What is the meaning of this?”  Tainer asked


“You gate crashed a party you weren’t invited to Captain” said a large bald man.  Raxter turned “Mantin you old fool, am I glad to see you.”  One of the other men started un-cuffing the rebels another dragged away Tainer.  They all moved towards Sidle who was still unconscious on the floor, his face was almost white.  Mantin joined them and seeing Sidle he called out and two women with  medi-packs came over and started to examine him.  She stood up and shook her head “He’s not in a good way, we have some supplies on the ship, I’ll do what I can” she explained and started to arrange for him to be taken to the ship.  “We should get going” Mantin said walking towards the rebels “Where’s Roan?”  he asked realising his small friend was not with the group. 


Raxter explained what had happened.  “I’m so sorry if I could change it I would but he saved the rest of us.” 


“I have to go back!” said Mantin “I got him into this..”  Raxter grab the large man as he turned away.

“Look friend he’s probably been captured and If he does survive I doubt this Admiral will let him out of his site until he tells them what he knows.”  The thought made Raxter shiver and could see his words caused Mantin further pain.


“If there was any way we could get him back trust me I would be doing that right now.”  Raxter’s mind had been running through every conceivable plan, since Roan had run off.  None had any way of working.  “We MUST all go now. They’ll soon be looking for us.  Our location may already be known.”


Mantin broke from Raxter grip a let out an almighty yell.  The reality hurt so much and he knew Raxter was right.  


The rebels all boarded Mantin’s Muurian Transport, which was waiting not far away. Sidle still receiving what little treatment they could offer was strapped into a bunk and the imperial prisoners placed in one of the storage holds.  Pretty soon they would need to find a planet with no imperial allegiance, with a medical facility for Sidle. They had also agreed to drop the Imperials off in some remote area.  Some had suggested they kill them all but had been told that barbaric behaviour was what they were fighting against. If they happened to die trying to make their way back that was just unfortunate. 


As they rose from the planet surface Mantin stared towards Trallon-Soro the Soro Tower reaching towards the sky.  I’m so sorry kid.







“What do you mean your are unable to contact the Colonel and what is this about a local lead?”  Gallon boomed.  “If he had information why wasn’t I advised?”


“Admiral he did not think it would be wise to disrupt you until he had some concrete information, and he is no longer responding to our communications.”  He could see the captain shaking in the hologram in front of him.   Why does the Empire have so many weak men within its’ ranks he thought.


“Give me the coordinates of his last communication NOW!” Gallon hoped it was not to late.


The information was sent to the shuttle, which turned around and once again headed for the surface.







“The hyperspace calculations will be ready as soon as we leave the atmosphere” said Tass sitting in the co-pilots seat next to Mantin.


Raxter stood behind him, looking out of the view screen towards the stars and freedom, when he felt the communication device in his pocket.


Stunned he pulled it out and tapped the contact code, concerned someone else may be using it to track them.  The correct response came back.  “Hello” said Raxter…  Nothing but static came back

“Hello” again he waiting.  Almost ready to give up, as he went to place the comlink back in his pocket when a voice came out “Anyone there?” The voice was faint but Raxter knew immediately who it was.


“Roan!?” The rest of the crew turned to him ,even Mantin who quickly returned his attention to flying.


“Yeah, just thought …….. you I’m okay” Roan explained the line was faint and breaking up  “Are …..on you way?”


“Yeah”  we just sorting out the co-ordinates for the light speed jump, we’re in Mantin’s ship. Where are you?”

Nothing came back “Kid?” Raxter waited.


“I’m in ………....Iserros”  came the reply.


“He’s in Iserros, that doesn’t make sense” Raxter thought out loud.  “That’s the other side of the city”


“May……Force……you all” Roan said before Raxter could reply.


“Roan we will be back soon, just stay out of sight, okay?” Raxter said and waited but no reply came even after the transition was repeating for the third time.


Chapter 27



The Admiral checked the identification of the ship being picked up on the radar. As it was the only non imperial ship currently in Trallon air space he called all air support to it’s position.  It was close to the outer atmosphere.  It could make light speed if he wasn’t quick.


“102 Squadron is the closest Admiral estimated interception time 53 seconds.  That may be good enough” Captain Assda explained, from the bridge of the Vanquisher


“May, May!” Gallon screamed ”Will it or won’t it Captain?” 


“Not if the transport continues at it current speed Admiral.” He took a deep breath ”They have plotted a course to make a jump before the squadron have them in range”


Gallon knew he need to slow the rebels down but the vanquisher was too far away and the news on the nearest squadron was not good.


“Fire all long range weapons in their path” Gallon ordered “ That includes the Vanquisher”


“Sir we have nothing that is that accurate or I would have already suggested it”


“I don’t want to hit them I just need them to slow them or make them change course, anything to give me a chance to get a shot at them.  As long as they don’t know what we are trying to do it may work” Gallon explained “Do as I ordered, now!”







Roan steered the rescue hand glider towards his destination, concerned that he was losing altitude a bit too rapidly. 


He had sent the purple speeder out on auto-pilot and climbed into a small hand-glider. As he exited the building he saw the speeder explode and hoped that the distraction would mean he could get away unnoticed.  As far as he was aware it had worked but he decided to head in the opposite direction from the other rebels just in case he was wrong.  Iserros was basically a large shanty town on the outskirts of Trallon-Soro and just about close enough for him to reach, he hoped.


He remembered the comlink and decided to let his friends know he was okay and also check they were on ther way of planet and to safety.  He couldn’t make out much but had heard Raxter’s voice so had tucked the comlink back into his tunic and concentrated on not killing himself


The wind rushed past him and he steered in-between two buildings. A gust hit him form the side, as he passed a crossroad, almost pushing him into a dark building.  He readjusted the glider just in time his feet almost clipping a window as he turned.  Roan dropped another few feet and was now about ten storeys from the ground. The streets were still empty and although he had seen a few imperial patrols none had spotted him as he silently soared past above their heads.


He tried to remember the instructions he’d been given the few times his parents had allowed him and his sister to ride tandem with a few experts out by the canyon near his home.  Not the best time to make your first solo flight he thought.  Just then a huge thermal pulled the glider up into the air.  He remembered to keep the nose forward to stop the glider from flipping. 


The sweat was blown back into his eyes and everything went blurry. He levelled of the glider and steered it straight along the road that would take him to Iserros.  He was unsure if the perimeter of the city was still being patrolled but just hoped that he could pass over them to freedom.  He wiped his face and could see his destination in the distance. May the force be with me, he thought.




The sky lit up in front of them “What!” Mantin almost changed course when Raxter said “Maintain your course they know we have enough distance to get to our jump point, that just them trying to scare us”


He explained his theory and although it seemed suicidal to head towards to numerous explosions in front of them.  They all sat in silence as the ship headed on.  The ship stated to jolt and they could feel the explosions and the whole view screen was filled with explosions.  A lucky shot may be enough to damage the ship and prevent their escape.


A beep from the console startled the crew.  “Don’t panic It’s the countdown to our hyperspace window”  Another beep was followed by an explosion that sounded like it was right next to them. The ship veered left but Mantin readjusted to stay on course. The beeps got closer and he looked at his instruments.


He placed his hand on the Hyperspace lever and pushed it forward.  The explosions disappeared and the stairs became lines.  The  rebels all cheered jumping from their seats embracing each other in a huge group hug Hokkla towering over them all. 


They had no idea that a few moments before Sidle had past away in his bunk.






The Admiral stood behind the pilot of the shuttle. “Cease fire!“ he ordered. “Captain Assda open a communication to Lord Vader’s ship.”  He had failed and may pay for this escape with his life he realised..





Roan reached the edge of the city amazed that he had manoeuvred though the swirling winds. The low level buildings of Iserros lay before him.  He could see the patrol at the edge of the city guarding the streets and as Roan got closer to them he noticed his shadow on the street below as the sun rose in the sky. He held his breath as it moved towards the Imperials far below. 







The signal came to the Patrol team along the west side of the Trallon-Soro to return to the rendezvous point to be transported back to the Vanquisher.  Unaware of what the outcome of the days activities were and reasonably unconcerned they started to board the ground transport.  When darkness fell upon them. Only two soldiers seemed to notice and looked up . Above them now moving past the Single sun was what appeared to be a small shuttle.  Using the visors micro binoculars one of the soldiers could see it was a glider carrying a small man across the sky out of the city.


“Sir, you may want to see this!”  The Squad leader climbed out from the transport and looked up to where the trooper was pointing. “Single transport, probably a glider of some sort altitude forty metres” He explained.


“All in, track that glider.” He informed the driver ”I want to be wherever it lands!”   They all boarded the armoured transport and headed after the target as it past the last building large building. 


“Send a message to the Captain requesting his approval?”







Roan saw the activity below and almost lost control of the glider as it passed the last large building and was caught by a strong side wind. He was now above the low level temporary housing that was home to a lot of the cheap alien labour that worked in the factories.  He veered away from the Imperials and saw they transport turn down a small road to pursue him. 


With the thermals created between the larger building now gone he was losing altitude quicker than he would like and the transport still had a visual of him.  He looked forward scanning the area in front. He hadn’t thought about landing and realised he had no idea what to do.  Then he saw the park and dipped the nose of the glider to speed his decent.  If he didn’t die this may work.






The Captain had approved the pursuit, and would update the Admiral of the progress.  The Transprt moved down the uneven track that lead them in the direction of the glider. Twice they had lost sight of him and he was now almost hidden by the buildings as the glider descended.  The Squad Leader barked out instructions and now had three other transports heading to the anticipated landing area. 


Then the glider disappeared behind the buildings as it seemed to dive towards the earth. It’s coming down I don’t want to lose him.







The Ground was rushing towards him and he was almost at the park.  It was a large dusty area with a few bare trees.   He dropped the nose again dropped within a meter or two of the ground before learning back as much as possible. 


Roan was unsure exactly what happened at that point the glider bucked and at one point he was sure the glider turned up side down as he crashed into the first tree he bounced of the canvas wing his momentum slowing greatly. The glider rose crashed into the next tree and came to a halt in its’ branches. Slightly bruised and disorientated he quickly unhooked the harness and dropped to the ground, his ankle buckling beneath him.  Ignoring the pain he ran towards the nearest buildings.


A few people were about and Roan ran past a couple ignoring their questions.  He turned a few corners and continued on.  He stopped at the front of what appeared to be a school and headed inside. He was exhausted and battered and bruised his clothes torn.  He lifted the hood of his coat over his head walked out of the rear of the building and into the streets at a normal pace so not to bring attention to himself.






The Three Imperial transports arrived at the park at almost at the same time.  The park was empty apart from the broken glider.   Some bystanders were questioned and pointed in the direction the person had fled.  RJ-432 knew pursuit would be pointless at every turn the possibility of the mysterious pilots location increased.


The Admiral accepted the news and ordered and evacuation of the area. The rebels had won this time but they would all pay in time he would promise Lord Vader that.  Gallon just hoped he would be allowed to keep his word.  As he stood on the command deck of the Vanquisher the dark lords form appeared before him.   “I hope you have good news for me Admiral?” asked the deep voice….





Roan looked out from where he was hiding and could see the coast was clear, “phew, that was close again” he muttered to himself and chuckled this time his entire body ached.  He had rested in an old warehouse for a few hours.  He felt the com-link in his pocket If they had made it to hyperspace he would be unable to contact the rebels.  He may never discover the fate of the rebels.


Roan arrived at his home that evening.  His parents questioned his cuts and bruises but he explained that he had fallen whilst working in Iserros he had been taken to the city to be checked over.  His delay was due to the City being put under Imperial control whilst they pursued some rebels. 

 They had shown there concerned and not questioned him but offered him some food and let him go rest in his room.


Once alone In his room he recalled the events that had taken place he couldn’t believe what had happened. Although his mind was racing his body had had enough and he feel into a deep sleep.


He eventually awoke feeling the comlink in his pocket.  Click Click …………Click …………Click. It was the correct code.  “Hello!” he said cautiously knowing the com-links range was not enough to communicate from anywhere outside the system.  “You don’t know me but I have a message from a friend. He will return when it is safe and if you wish to continue upon the path you have earned that right.” The message was vague, in case it was overheard, he guessed, but he understood.  He sat up trying to work out if he was dreaming when he saw the cuts and bruises from his crash. A life in the Rebellion he knew it was right.  “Tell him I’ll be waiting” Roan responded.