Belouve History




Started out where I, Ulic Belouve, was taking my character in the Academy and progressing well.  I aim for humility in this, but I feel that I impressed many.  At this time, the Knight rank was new, and I was accelerating towards it at a phenomenal rate.  During all this, I would post and reflect in admirable ways, contributing to Jedi lore, and pressing the need for balance in many areas.  I had an outlook of humility and patience, and would uphold virtuous play.  My comments were often welcome in any sort of questionable area.

When I had made Journeyman rank (back when we had a wider variety of ranks, now Journeymen are simply Students again), and was preparing for Knight, I had Bubu contact me to ask to be my Padawan, to learn the philosophy and outlook that I had on the game.  I explained that the philosophy extended outside of the game, that we lived for service, humility, patience, and virtue, both inside and outside the game.

With this, I attained an unofficial Padawan, awaiting the passage of my Knight trial.  This came soon, passing, erm, WITH incident (I lost my lightsaber in a fit of hilarious nature, ask DJ Sith about it, or Bubu.  Funny).  So I was made Knight, and put in charge of the JA Lightsaber Lost and Found.  Never did find my own saber.  Feh.

Development of Family-

With this, I began teaching Bubu, getting him through Learner and Journeyman.  I would guide him in service and humility, and also in virtues, which at a few points conflicted with some of the JAT outlook.  While still on shaky foundations, Bubu made Knight.  But the Belouve Family was not yet born.

At this point, I was seeking more Padawans.  I ran into a Damon Chessius, and guided him through his initial steps in our first meeting.  His virtuous desire for service was apparent in this first meeting, and was illustrated in the respect he extended at being taught underneath me.  Soon after, I extended the option of becoming my Padawan to him.  He took it with honor, and wished to use the name Damon C. Belouve.  At this point, the family was truly born.

I sought out another talented Padawan, and had many entries.  (I'm actually trying to remember what went on here.  Feh.)  In the end, I believe I selected only Ioshee. (Why do I have a hunch there was another?)  He was talented and compassionate, and ina surprise move, built me a castle for server use (if someone has it, let me know.  I lost my copy. Unchallenged Mountain, it was called.)

We grew, and were happy.

And to round this out, at this point, many felt that the Belouves were becoming too elitist and arrogant.  I felt this way about myself, and ended up stepping down from the Knight rank, retaining my leadership of the Belouves.  For a long time, there was inaction in the family.

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