Belouve History Part Three
alrighty, its time to finally write up some fancy story, if we have that shiny new page, HERE is part 3 of the belouve history. :)
I would like to welcome, thee, humble reader, to the story of the Belouves. In fact, its only a part of the story. My part, and my point 
of view. But while it may sound disgraceful to some, all points of view offer truth.
The Early Days & Ascent
There I was, posting and spamming (tee-hee) the forums when a thread caught my attention. The crazy Bubu had been requesting
 a Padawan. Wow. I requested Padawanship, of course. But so little had I known what journey I was about only to begin.... 
(sounds kinky, doesnt it :-)) I didn't really have a clue what Padawanship was all about, when I discovered that Bubu had accepted 
me (YES MEE !) and Sared. I was awestruck.But scared, too. Since I didnt really know what this all was about. At a certain point, we all
 could meet on a server and have lots of fun. Then someone named Ulic Belouve showed up, too. Eery, it was. I only knew Ulic from
 the forums, and his famous threads that took up pages and pages of replies so incredibly fast, creating controversy Bubu bowed 
before him and I was very confused, but I did so too. Then I realized that Ulic was Bubu's Master, and I was one of those crazy Belouves too!
A weird feeling washed through me, when Ulic inquired my motives, and welcomed me into the family. The whole situation seemed 
so jedi-esque to me, I couldnt refrain from smiling.
The Crazy Days
I then knew I had to intensify my training. I trained hard, and much. I played on the servers whenever I could. Taking lots of classes, 
and I also started to make a lot of good friends. Some of which would later play a vital part in the Academy. Of course they were just
 random fellas when they became my friends. Alas. After I had been in the Academy a few months I discovered a shiny new link on
 the page entitled "trials" :) I happily clicked it and took my written exam for the Knight trial. I was really proud of myself, since I had been 
teaching lots of people, and received so much lessons myself, that I wanted to give something back to the Community, the Academy. 
Sadly enough I couldnt progress like I wanted to, and had to take an extended leave over summer. Still being Student.
The Great Leave
When I was about to fully return to the Academy, JK3 hit the stores, and I immediately got the demo, and was disappointed. I didnt like
 it. It seemed like a cheap rip-off of JK2, which it technically was. ;) Anywho, when I was back my skill of course wasnt up to par, instead
 I found myself doing very tricky stuff that I wasnt capable before. It turned out that I could totally let go now, and just play. This took me
 to a whole next level of duelling. Soon I was ready to take the trial, and, eager as I was,
had to retake it to fully pass it. 
The Next Generation
As a Knight, I had a lot of responsabilities, and there was a lot of stuff going on within the ranks. Nonetheless I decided to take on
 Padawans. Still having a weird feeling when I think about Bubus picking procedures (timezones ;) :tweak : :D) So I wanted to make sure
 the next generation of Belouves kicks ass. I had many applications, but I had to pick only a few. I had my very own secret way of finding
 out wether one was suited to become my Padawan. And I dont want to go into details at this point. :P Anywho, 
Bail Hope was a very  eager student, who reminded me of myself, in the early days. Spamming those forums, and being the nicest 
so-and-so around. :D (ok,  maybe he didn't remind me of myself THAT much) 
Roan.... what can I say, he wanted to marry in Star Wars costumes. How geeky can you get :) I love that guy.
Squibit just seems to really be a squibit. he pops on, makes a great impression and is gone again, as fast as he appeared.
I really tried to give them as much training as possible, but soon I was no match for their skills. So I tried to guide them as they progressed
 in their ways. Vaxxla later became a Padawan too, and training him was also a vital part in the progress of my other Padawans.
 (I'll never forget those wall-running sessions :D) I was confident enough to allow Squibit to take on his own, unofficial
Padawan, Jarhok.
The Descent
While I was very happy with my Padawans, I was not with the things in the Academy. There was a lot of trouble brewing, within the ranks. 
The new game had split and driven us apart from what we initially were: friends. It all slowly became a mixture of political farce, drama 
and popularity contest. I was disgusted by it. The once so highly held goals and principles were shaken to the very ground of the
 Academy. I knew I had to leave, it was just a matter of time. Thinking about it, now, I should have done so way earlier. But stubborn
 as I am, I thought I could help to fix things, cure things. You know how the story ends, of course I could not. But I hoped that I had made 
enough impact to some people, so the Academy would cure itself.
 - FiZZ Belouve